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About Pacificheck

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PacifiCheck is a well-established health check center founded in March 2005. We gather the joint efforts of medical specialists to deliver excellent service to our clients through state-of-the-art technology and world-class hospitality.


“Prevention is better than cure.” PacifiCheck aims to design comprehensive health check packages to pursue the target of early detection of diseases. Through pre-set and tailor-made comprehensive health check packages, clients of different ages and sexes, with different background, personal habits and health history will be served individually. The last and the most important is that all health check reports performed by PacifiCheck will be explained by specialist medical practitioner, not nurses or paramedics, to make sure the health messages could be accurately delivered.

Service Excellence

PacifiCheck is managed by Registered Medical Specialists. Every Health Check Package is well designed to fulfil the need of different clients. Our one-stop service can provide comprehensive health-check solution and treatment recommendations

from basic physical check-up, laboratory tests, imaging studies to complex specialist diagnosis.


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