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The Usefulness of Minerals

Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is one of the commonest cancer within the urological system Bladder cancer is more common in male.


Causes of Bladder Cancer


Long term exposure to dye
High salt intake


Symptoms of Bladder Cancer


Painless haematuria
Difficulty passing urine
Urinary frequency
Loin and lower abdominal pain


How to diagnosis Baldder Cancer?

Urine cytology
CT Urogram

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Early state:  Tumour can be resected via endoscopic method
                         Regular cystoscopy examination after resection of bladder tumour is require


Frequent recurrent of Bladder cancer

Chemotherapy may be considered


If tumour already spread to muscle layer

Complete resection of bladder may be necessary

Prevention of Bladder Cancer


Consult urologist as soon as possible if presented with haematuria
Avoid prolong contact to dye
Quit smoking
Increase water intake
Increase intake of vit A,C,B6

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