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Domestic Helper/Pre-employment Health Check Scheme

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Domestic Helper/Pre-employment Health Check Scheme

Domestic Helper Examination Scheme

Domestic Helper Check-up

Price: HK$700

Measuring Blood Pressure and Counting Pulse Blood Pressure and Pulse

Blood Tests:

1 Hepatitis B antigen HBsAg

Can test whether hepatitis B carrier

2 Anti-HIV (I & II)

3 Syphilis test VDRL

Urine Test Urine Test

Including the specific gravity of sugar, protein, red blood cells and white blood cells in urine

Can detect diabetes, kidney disease, bladder and urethritis, etc.

Stool Routine (O&P)

(Applicants must put the stool in a bottle and bring it together for the inspection)

Can detect whether there are insects

Chest X-ray of Lung X-ray Examination

Can detect tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung cancer and heart attack

Suggested additional items for the domestic helper health check-up plan:

Pregnancy Test  $ 150
Anti-HBs Anti-HBs  $ 200

Pre-employment health check program

Pre-employment health check program

Price: HK$600

Physical Check-up:

Health Questionnaire  
Body Weight and Height 
Blood Pressure and Pulse 
Body Mass Index


Blood Tests:

1  Complete Blood Picture 
White Blood Cell   
Red Blood Cell    
PCV / HCT    
To detect anaemia, leukaemia, infection and haematological disease.

2  HBsAg 
To screen for Hepatitis B carrier

3  Anti-HBs 
To detect immunological status for hepatitis B.


Stool Routine

To detect for intestinal parasitic disease


Include glucose, protein, red blood and white blood cell 
To detect diabetes, renal disease, urinary tract infection


Chest X-ray

To detect tuberculosis, chest infection and cardiomegaly

Domestic Helper Examination Scheme
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