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Acute Coronary Syndrome Check-Up

Acute coronary syndrome also named cardiac disease, risk increases with age. It is due to
the blockage of coronary artery, which leads to decreased blood supply to the heart. Patient
will present with chest pain or tightness. Some of the patients may be asymptomatic, and
some acute coronary syndrome is diagnosed during ECG examination

Risk factors included :

  • genetic
  • Diabetes
  • Hypercholesterolaemia
  • Hypertension
  • Smoking
  • Obese
  • Leak of smoking

Some of the patinet may be asymptomatic, and is diagnosed during ECG exam- ination


Acute Coronary Syndrome Check-Up          Price: HK$1,880


Physical Check-up:

      Physical Examination
      Health Questionnaire 
      Body Weight and Height
      Blood Pressure and Pulse
      Body Mass Index



      To detect arrhythmia. 


Chest X-ray 

      To detect tuberculosis, chest infection and cardiomegaly


Blood Tests:
1    Cholesterol
      ~ Cholesterol (Total)
      ~ Cholesterol (HDL)
      ~ Cholesterol (LDL)
      ~ VLDL Cholesterol (Cal)
      To evaluate fat metabolism and assess the risk of coronary artery disease

2    Triglycerides 
      To screen for hyperlipidemia and determine the risk of coronary artery disease

3    Blood Glucose
      To screen for diabetes

4    T4
      To detect thyroid function

Treadmill / Stress E.C.G. (report by Cardiologist)


     To detect Coronary Artery Disease


Optional Acute Coronary Syndrome Check-Up Items:

Ultrasound for Upper Abdomen $600

     To detect disease of liver, gall bladder and spleen


Echocardiogram    $1,400
     To detect cardiac function and cardiomegaly 


CT Calcium scoring   $1,395 
     To Screen for Coronary Artery disease (Suggest See Doctor )

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