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Mammogram Mammogram




Mammogram , also known as Breast X-Ray, is one of the most accurate method to detect early breast cancer.


How to perform mammogram?

The breast will be compressed to flatten and spread tissue. It may be uncomfortable

for a few seconds. But the firm pressure is important to have a clear breast x-ray



Mammogram preparations

You will be asked to undress to the waist, please wear a two pieces out fit.


Do not use the bath powder or oil, perfumes, creams or deodorants on the

day of visit.


Recommendations for Screening Mammograms


for women aged 40-45                   every 1-2 years
for women aged 50 or above        annually
High risk group:                               annually
with family history of premenopausal breast cancer  
in a first degree relative or those with a history of
breast and / or gynecological cancer 

Currently there are more than 1900 new cases in Hong Kong each year. The
peak age for discovering breast cancers in Hong Kong is around 50.