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Stomach Cancer Screening

Stomach cancer is one of the most common cancers in Hong Kong. Symptoms
of stomach cancer are decreased appetite, loss of weight, vomit up blood and
epigastric pain. If symptoms above are presented, you need to take a stomach
cancer are screening and then seek help from the doctor. The doctor will give
you advice according to the stomach cancer are screening report.


Stomach Cancer Screening                               Price: HK $1,230


Blood Test:

1 Complete Blood Picture

To detect anaemia, leukaemia, infection and haematological disease.



Tumour marker for Colon Cancer


3 CA19.9

Tumour marker for Pancreatic Cancer


4 CA 72.4

Tumour marker for Stomach Cancer


5 Helicobacter pylori Ab.IgG 


Stool Occult Blood

To detect for bleeding from colon.


Optional Stomach Cancer Screening Items:


Colonoscopy  $4,200


Gastroscopy $2,200



 Tissue Biopsy $1000~$3000


 Polypectomy  $1,000


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