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Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Stamach cancer is the fourth commonest cancer in male. Over 1/3 of cases
are diagnosed at end stage.

Therefore early diagnosis is essential in order to improve prognosis of stomach

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer


Asymptomatic at early stage
Abdominal Pain
Nausea and Vomting
Difficult swallowing
Decrease appetite
Weight lost


Causes of Stomach Cancer


Over 40y.o, with family history
Gastric ulcer resistence to treatment
Long term alcohol intake
History of gastric polyp
Atrophic gastritis
Poor eating habit

High salt intake

History of partial gastrectomy


How to diagnosis Stamach Cancer?

The symptoms of stomach cancer and gastric ulcer can be very similar.
Therefore Gastroscopy ( OGD ) is required to make the diagnosis fo stomach
cancer, and biopsy of the suspected lesion is necessary to confirm diagnosis
of stomach Cancer


Treatment of Stomach Cancer


Early stage:     Resection of stomach by surgical method

End stage:      Chemotherapy


Prevention of Stomach cancer


Seek medical advice if there is any epigastric discomfort. Consider Gastroscopy ( OGD )
as soon as possible.
Eredication of Helicobacter pyloriis is essentail to reduce risk of Stomach