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Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexually transmitted disease is a disease that transmitted via sexual intercouse.
Common STD included gonorrhoea, syphilus, herpes, AIDS.


Sexually Transmitted Disease                         Price: HK $1,500

Physical Check-up :


   Body Weight and Height

   Blood Pressure and Pulse



Blood Tests

   To detect VDRL







   To screen for Hepatitis B carrier


Anti-HIV (I & II)

   To detect AIDS


Herpes Simplex Virus II Antibody

   To screen for Herpes Simplex


Chlamydia Antibody

   To screen for Chlamydia

 Optional Test:

DNA-HPV DNA                            $680


Hepatitis C Virus Antibody      $450


Mycoplasma Test                     $550


Genital Specimens Package  $450

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