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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate is an accessary sexal organ organ for male. It secretes an alkaline fluid
during ejaculation that forms part of semen.

The prostate is commonly enlarged in elderly male, it is call benign prostate
hypertrophy. It can also develop malignant tumour, i.e. prostate cancer

Symptoms of Prostate Cancern


Prostate Cancer is usually asymptomatic during early stage.
Symptoms occur when the tumour enlarge.

Urinary frequency
dysuria, and urinary retension
haematuria and blood in seman


How to diagnosis Prostate Cancer

1 Per rectal examination, to feel for any swelling and hard mass within prostate.

2 PSA level - will increase in patient with Prostate Cancer

3 Transrectal Ultrasound prostate with biopsy, to confirm diagnosis.

4 Uroflowmetry, to sceen for any obstruction and bladder dysfunction

5 Cystoscopy, to further evaluate the anatomy of prostate.

Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Early stage: Radical prostatectomy using:

  Conventional method
  Laporoscopic method
  Robotic Surgery




If Prostate Cancer already spreaded

          Consider hormonal treatment

1 Orchidetomy
2 Medical treatment


Prevent of Prostate Cancern


Monitor PSA level

Low fat diet

Increase intake of cooked tomato