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Pre-Natal Check Up

Pre-Natal Check Up

Pre-natal check up refers to the medical care recommended for women before
and during pregnancy. Pre-natal check up is important in screening for various
complications of pregnancy. Pre-natal check up can detect any potential problems
early so that these problems can be prevented. Pre-natal check up can also reduce
maternal death rates and miscarriages as well as birth defects, low birth weight,
and other preventable infant problems.

Pre-Natal Check Up                                                    Price: HK$880

Physical Check-up:
     Health Questionnaire 
     Body Weight and Height
     Blood Pressure and Pulse
     Body Mass Index


Blood Tests:  
1  Complete Blood Picture
     White Blood Cell 
     Red Blood Cell   
     PCV / HCT   
     To detect anaemia, leukaemia, infection and haematological disease.

2 ABO Group & Rh(D) Typing

3 HbsAg
    To screen for Hepatitis B carrier

4 Anti-HBs 
    To detect immunological status for Hepatitis B.

5 Anti-HIV (I & II)


7 Rubella IgG (Female)

8 Semen Analysis (Male)
    *specimen need to transfer to laboratory within 2 hours, no ejaculation 3 days before

      saving the specimen


     Include glucose, protein, red blood and white blood cell  
     To detect diabetes, renal disease, urinary tract infection

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