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Other Check Up

Besides regular check up programs, PacifiCheck offers other check up services. Via our other check up tests,
we may find out the cause of symptoms like peripheral edema, dizziness, arthritis etc. Some symptoms like
dizziness may seems to be endurable and doesn’t matter too much to some people, but actually, dizziness may
be caused by problem of eye, cerebellum, or ear, and the cause may be serious. Therefore, we should not
neglect our own health problem, and should go through our other check up tests when we don’t feel well.

Peripheral Edema

Peripheral edema can be due to liver disease, kidney problem, cardiac failure. It is necessary to further investigate to find out the cause




Dizziness can be cause by problem of eye, cerebellum, and ear. So See medical advice immediately if dizziness persist.




Arthritis is a very common disease. Patient may presented with pain and swelling over joint and cause decrease in range of movement


Hepatitis B Carrier

Approximately 1/10 of Hong Kong population is hepatitis B carrier. Active Hepatitis B carrier can increase the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer.





Shortness of breath can be due to asthma, cardiac failure, pleural effusion and arrthymia. Thorough investigation is necessary if shortness of breath persist


Chest Pain

Acute Coronary syndrome also named cardiac disease. Some of the patient may be asymptomatic, and is diagnosed during ECG examination. Regular Cardiac investigation is important.


Sexually Transmitted


Sexually transmitted disease is a disease that transmitted via sexual intercouse. Common STD included gonorrhoea, syphilus, herpes, AIDS.

Infertility Test


Allergy Test