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Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a very common disease. Kidney stone can be as big as a golf ball or as small
as sand. For those tiny kidney stone, they might pass out with the urine without
causing any problem. For those renal stone that is not able to pass out might
cause obstruction and lead to renal failure.

Causes for Kidney Stone


High meat intake
family history of reanl stone
Urinary tract infection
High intake of vit D and calcium tablet


Symptoms of Kidney Stone


Severe loin pain
Nausea and Vomiting
Recurrent urinary tract infecetion
High fever with chill and rigor


How to diagnosis Kidney Stone?

90% renal sone will be shown on X-ray (KUB). For those who presented with
loin pain and haematuria, further investigation is necessary.


1 Urine Routine to look for blood and crystal

2 Blood test to check Calcium and phosphate level, to help evaluate
the cause of renal stone.

3 X-ray: KUB to look for hyperechoic lesion and calcification.

4 CT Urogram to look for tiny stone and to rule out obstruction.

5 Ultrasound to look for any abstuction causing hydronephrosis.


Treatment for Kidney Stone

For asymptomsatic and very tiny kidney stone. Observation is suggested.