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Chest Pain

Acute Coronary syndrome also named cardiac disease. Acute Coronary syndrome
may cause chest pain. Some of the patients may be asymptomatic, and are diagnosed
during ECG examination. Regular Cardiac investigation is important.


Chest Pain                                                          Price: HK $1,880


Physical Check-up :

   Health Questionnaire

   Body Weight and Height

   Blood Pressure and Pulse

   Body Mass Index


Blood Tests:

1 Cholesterol

   - Cholesterol (Total)

   - Cholesterol (HDL)

   - Cholesterol (LDL)

   To evaluate fat metabolism and assess the risk of coronary artery disease


2 Triglycerides

   To screen for hyperlipidemia and determine the risk of coronary artery disease


3 Blood Glucose

   To screen for diabetes


4  T4
    To detect thyroid function


   To detect arrhythmia.

Chest X-ray
   To detect tuberculosis, chest infection and cardiomegaly


Treadmill / Stress E.C.G. (report by Cardiologist)


   To detect Coronary Artery Disease


Optional Test:


USG Echocardiogram $1,400

   To detect cardiac function


Gastroscopy $2,200

   To detect Gastric ulcer and tumour

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