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Cardiac Health Check

Cardiac Health Check

A cardiac health check can help people find out if their hearts are under risk. Once signs of cardiac diseases were found in cardiac health check reports, people can immediately consult the doctor and take appropriate medical treatment to prevent the cardiac diseases. In consideration of your health, a regular cardiac health check is required. A cardiac health check includes acute coronary syndrome health check and hypertensive health check.

Acute Coronary

syndrome check-up


Acute Coronary syndrome also named cardiac disease, risk increases with age. It is due to the blockage of coronary artery, which leads to decreased blood supply to the heart. Patient will present with chest pain or tightness. Some of the patients may be asymptomatic, and some acute coronary syndrome is diagnosed during ECG examination


Risk factors included :

Some of the patinet may be asymptomatic, and is diagnosed during ECG exam-

Hypertensive Health

check up


Normal Blood pressure should be:
Systolic < 140mmHg
Diastolic < 90mmHg


Cardiac Health Check