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Common causes of hyperuricaemia included inherited disease, alcoholic, obesity
or high purine diet. High uric acid level do not necessarily presented with
sympoms. However, persistence hyperuricaemia can incresase the risk of gouty
attack, i.e. when uric acid deposit within the joint and cause inflammation. Hyperuricaemia can
also cause stone disease within urological system. Other complications of hyperuricaemia 
include artherosclerosis, hyperlipidaemia and diabetes.

Suggestions include:

  i) Diet control, decrease alcohol intake, drink large amount of fluid, and control 
      body weight.
 ii) It there is recurrent gouty attack, renal stone or abnormal renal function, medical 
      treatment is require.
iii) Decrease intake of high purine diet, includes:


a) internal organ
b) beef and pork
c) soybean, peanut
d) mushroom, oat meal
e) alcohol
f) shell fish, or fish without scale